So yeah i am bored once again so i deped deepr into the GIT provider rabbit hole. And i found quite a lot of some intresting stuff!
Many of you probably use or used Github at some point in time but as it turns out ever since MS bought Github they aint the best regarding privacy and ethics wise. In this post i gonna maybe try and explain why you shouldn't use github and give some alternatives too!

Most of the probelms with Github can be linked to thier AI assitant Copilot.

As it turns out thier AI assitant is trained on Open source code. And open source code is not always under the Public Domain. A lot of github repos are licensed using copyleft licenses like GPL.
And those licenes require any modification of the source code to be redistributed under the same license as the original.
So for example if you want to create a fork using the source code of a project licensed under the GPL (Or any other copyleft license) you have to redistribute it under the same license as the original.

But Copilot doesnt include any mention of the original author or does it mention anything about the license and this can lead to some issues. This is a violation of both the license terms and the intellectual property of the authors of the original code.

The even bigger issue is the fact that you can just use a github alternative to publish your code but other people have the legal right to have thier fork of your project on Github. Which means Copilot gonna be able to scan ur code and then use it.

But then the question might arise of what to use instead of Github. And there a are quite a few options but here i just gonna give 3. 2 Normal ones and one techinly paid.

1. My number one alternative would be Codeberg it's probably the most popular privacy respecing Github alternative. It's also run by a Noprofit unlike github.
2. My number two would be Gitlab it's also a quite good alternative but it's more centered for team work then just storing ur code. Still a good option tough.
3. And the last option would be just self hosting ur own Gitea or Forgejo instance. Link to Gitea. It's quite easy to setup if you have basic linux expireince.

Learn more here.